UECC makes Christmas donation

A donation to WWF for a greater cause

Oslo, Norway - 22.12.2017

What makes UECC and the people of UECC special?


In the past, all UECC staff would get a Christmas gift from the company. However, this year, the people of UECC have united and decided that donating to a charitable organization would be a greater cause.

We thought hard about the organization that would benefit the most from the donation.

Apart from being the pioneer in green shipping technology by having the world’s first and largest dual-fuel LNG PCTCs (M/V AUTO ECO and M/V AUTO ENERGY), we understand that sustainability goes further than that.

It is a common knowledge that plastic waste in our oceans is one of the leading concerns of today. Scientists estimate that up to 26 million tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans each year, killing millions of marine creatures in addition to its toxic impact on humans and the environment. This is a staggering amount of waste with serious consequences.

UECC is proud to support the initiatives of organizations like WWF, who work tirelessly to reduce the plastic pollution problem, educate, and find sensible sustainable solutions.

We are pleased to share that UECC had donated NOK 25,000 on behalf of all of us working in UECC to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to support their work with a focus on reducing plastic waste in the oceans.

WWF is an international environmental organization with a network in more than 100 countries and working on defending threatened species and their habitats, trying to slow down global climate changes and get nature back in balance.

You can find out more about WWF on https://www.wwf.no/

From all of us at UECC, we wish you all Happy and Safe Holiday and Best Wishes for the New Year!