A day of sharing positive ideas and operations with visitors from ECG Academy in Cuxport and onboard M/V AUTO ENERGY

Oslo, Norway - 18.01.2018

On one of the rare occasion when we had our LNG vessel M/V AUTO ENERGY calling Cuxport back in November 2017, we had the pleasure of having ECG Academy participants visiting our vessel as well!

Led by Dr. Christian-Titus Klaiber from KPMG (responsible for the ECG Academy), an enthusiastic team of 22 visitors from 11 countries visited Cuxport to learn about the loading and unloading operations at a vessel as well as the most modern vessel UECC have.

They were visiting BLG and Cuxport, to study how two different concepts can be so successful.
One is a large and traditional port, whereas the other is a young and flexible business model.

Having learnt that UECC have the world’s first two largest dual-fuel LNG Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC), they were intrigued to visit the vessel and to gain more knowledge about sustainability.

The 22 visitors are participants of ECG academy and will be graduates if they pass in May 2018.

Let’s hear from some of them about their thoughts on M/V AUTO ENERGY, the compounds they visited and the operations process.

"At Cuxport, I found it interesting regarding the development project, on building the new compound in the sea. Regarding UECC, it was very impressive to discover the interior of a RORO vessel, how the loading is organized, how every deck can be adjusted considering the required height and different lashing methods”
~Andreea POPA, Section Manager
Alliance Logistics Europe Vehicle Engineering

“I would like to point out that being on board one of two only PCTC propelled by LNG was a great privilege. The crew of the vessel is No.1!! Cuxport is small but very well organized. I like the introduction of the port as well as the vessel tour.”
~Zoran Ćurić, Logistic Manager
Frikus špedicija d.o.o.

“I liked the most on the guided tour at the compound and on the vessel. Of course, it was useful to see the presentation about port and compound in the office but still, it is not the same as when you see something on your own. And during the visit on the vessel, the most interesting thing was the loading area, captain deck and the living area of the staff. It was something new for me. In my daily work, I cooperate with sea transport companies and organize some transports by vessels. But I never had the possibility before to see how the loading process looks or even did not realize that such big vessel has such small steering wheel. Thank you for the new experience and impressions!”
~Dmitrij Kildiushkin, Spain Branch Manager

“What I like most about Cuxport harbour is that it, though relatively small, it can expand further and take chances concerning PDI. Furthermore, I personally really liked that Cuxport operates several Offshore bases, thus not only contributing to climate issues but also thinking towards the future. The visited UECC vessel is very interesting because of its gas-powered engine. Especially because ships are the worst polluters among all logistical vehicles, nonetheless 85% of all world trade is dependent upon them. A step towards sustainability is long past due in the shipping industry, therefore very praiseworthy if a shipping company starts acting accordingly. UECC’s LNG contributes significantly to climate protection. It does not only reduce the fine dust pollution, but the whole CO2 balance turns out positive through LNG.”
~Dr. Thomas Mackinger, LLM, Corporate Controlling
Vega International Car Transport & Logistic

“Here are the points I like the most during the two visits.
For the Cuxport visit:
- The flow management especially for BMW customers.
- The capacity to deal with high volume considering the surface.
- The capacity of growth on the past years.

- The flow management inside the vessel.
- The high technology inside the vessel (LNG vessel & equipment in the command post).
- The optimization of the deck based on the type of car is onboard.”
~Arthur Pic

“Firstly, I have to commend both CUXPORT and UECC teams for their professionalism. They have been very patient and available to answer our questions and explain some processes/operations. I appreciated starting first with the port presentation to discover first all the port activities/main areas before to see them in reality. Like this, we can have the entire visibility and keep in mind easily all the operations being done at the port. The visit of the vessel was a learning experience for me personally since it was the first time I assisted in loading/lashing operations. “
~Fadhil MIRI,
GEFCO 4PL Freight Audit Process Compliance Manager

For me personally the visit was very interesting. My role and experience centres on road transport so getting an insight into the port and shipping side was very useful. The presentation and tour were very comprehensive and informative. Getting to witness the loading and unloading operation was excellent to understand how the whole supply chain links together.”
~Gavin RAWSON, Head of Transport,
GEFCO UK - Finished Vehicle Logistics

It is a great pleasure to know that the participants share the same enthusiasm when it comes to operations and sustainability of the shipping industry!


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