UECC - The People On Board

What does it mean to work for the leading provider of Roro transportation in Europe?

Oslo, Norway - 29.01.2018

Along with the series of UECC – The People, we have added a series "UECC – The People On Board".

At UECC, we value and appreciate all our staff, both onshore and offshore.

Without the amazing crew of UECC vessels, our cargo will not be able to load correctly and on time. Without them, cargo will not reach the destination safely and damage-free.

Each one of them contributes to the success of UECC.

Each one of them is the “UNITY” on board each vessel to compliment us on shore.  

Together we build up UECC.

The first two crew members to appear in this series are David Fernandes Petinga Eusebio and Luis Maranhao. 

Both gentlemen are currently sailing on M/V AUTOSTAR.

Luis Maranhao, born in Nazare, Portugal (45 years old).
Position – BOSUN

Just like every coastal village, sealife is always present. I grew up listening all about seaman’s stories and adventures. Seaman’s life was not my first professional option, but in 2008 following the advice from my father (who had been working with UECC for a few years), I sent in a job application to UECC and starting shortly after that as a wiper.

Step by step, I built up my experience, learning from my older colleagues and with all the teams on board the several vessels that I sailed on, serving in different ranks from a security guard, ordinary seaman, able seaman until my present position as Bosun on board M/V AUTOSTAR.

Throughout these past 8 years that I’ve been working with UECC, I’ve accumulated much experience, growing personally and professionally.

I am happy working in UECC and enjoying being part of the UECC family!


David Fernandes Petinga Eusebio, born in Nazare, Portugal (36 years old)
Position – 2nd Officer

I have been living by the sea since I was a child.

After finishing my degree in Pilotage in Lisbon Nautical School in 2013, UECC gave me the opportunity to start my seaman’s professional career, starting as a Deck Cadet. Step by step, I build up my skills as an officer.

UECC is still one of the few companies employing younger officers, looking out for me and shaping my future, making me part of the UECC family.

I have worked on several UECC vessels, with different people and nationalities. They have helped me to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and to become a Deck Officer.

5 years on with UECC, I’ve built up enough experience to be a 2nd Officer.

I am now working as 2nd Officer on board M/V AUTOSTAR for the past year.


For further information, please contact:
Ms. Evie Khoo, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Oslo.
Telephone: +47 9191 2993 / E-mail: ekh@uecc.com