Impact on service #3

- 10.04.2020

Dear UECC Customer,
COVID-19 outbreak and the impact on UECC’s liner trading network – General update
Almost two weeks have passed since the last time we issued our last general update. We hope that you all and your families continue to do relatively well during this very difficult time.  At UECC we continue to do relatively well, but we have unfortunately had to lay off some staff members on a temporary basis. Our focus continues to be on the health and well-being of our staff members, operating our liner trading network and planning for the future. 

We continue to see encouraging messages from the OEMs about plant openings and urge you to provide us with any updated information in this respect.  This will enable us to plan the re-establishment of our complete liner trading network.  However, as stated in our general update on the 27th of March, this will require some time and we ask for your patience in this respect. 

UECC continue to operate our liner trading network, but at a somewhat reduced level.  Due to rapid schedule changes, it is difficult to publish a complete fleet schedule, and we ask you to please contact your Key Account Manager, or your regular contact at UECC, directly and they will be pleased to provide you with the required fleet schedule details.  In addition, we would be very pleased to assist you with any irregular shipments -- let’s support each other during this difficult time!

In closing we would like to say thank you very much for your support and wish you all a healthy and peaceful Easter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us any time should you have any questions regarding UECC’s activities.
Bjørn O. Gran Svenningsen
Director Sales & Marketing
Phone:  +47 90 16 04 55