to Customers

COVID-19 - 22.10.2020

Dear UECC Customer,

Oslo, October 21, 2020

Covid-19 – The Second Wave

Five months have passed since our last update and it is time for a new update, as we see some
challenges coming with this very unfortunate second wave.
First, we hope that you, and your loved ones, are safe and doing relatively well despite the
ongoing second wave. Here at UECC, the focus continues to be on making sure our staff is
safe and healthy.

As a consequence of the new and strict regulations recently implemented in some of European
countries to control the spread of the virus, we have been informed by some of our key
suppliers that we may face situations with lack of labour in some of our major ports. This is
because some of the ports will not use casual labour and travelling to and from work may be
restricted. This will be on top of the productivity loss we have already encountered in some of
the ports and consequently there may be delays in our schedule.

In this respect, we ask for your understanding should there be any delays. Please rest assured
that UECC will do everything possible to maintain our liner service schedule. In addition to the
loss of productivity and potential lack of labour due to the ongoing pandemic, we are also
approaching the winter season when the weather can be quite severe in some of the areas, we
operate our vessels in. Again, we please ask for your understanding should there be any

As always, we urge you to continue to provide us with volume forecast in a timely manner for us
to properly plan and operate our liner service network in the most optimal way.
In case you have some more detailed questions related to this matter, please contact our Trade
Coordination Team, or your Account Manager.

UECC continue to stand by its’ corporate values; Unity, Energy, Challenging and Commitment!

Please contact us any time should you have any questions regarding UECC’s activities – we
are here for you!

Stay safe and healthy!


Bjørn O. Gran Svenningsen
Director Sales & Marketing
Phone: +47 90 16 04 55