The Port of Pasajes extends

the concession of Noatum UECC Terminal Pasajes

Oslo, Norway - 15.12.2017

As reported earlier in the Spanish news, the Port Authority of Pasajes has agreed to extend the concession jointly held by UECC and Noatum in the port of Pasajes.

This concession occupies an area of 111,463 m2 and a car parking silo.

UECC and Noatum will be able to continue operating this terminal for finished vehicles for a period of 35 years, according to the Official State Gazette.

The car terminal had moved a total of 254,689 automobiles and rolling vehicles during 2016, of which 85% correspond to exports, mainly shipped to Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia. 59.72% of the vehicles that accessed the terminal arrived by rail.

This business structure would enable the terminal to be more competitive and maintain its position in the Iberian Automotive Logistics industry.

The traffic of finished vehicles at the Port of Pasajes constitutes 7.35% of the total traffic of the Basque Port.
The latest data indicate that the cumulative traffic of vehicles completed between January and November 2017 in Pasajes Port totals 220,290 automobiles, which is 8.64% less than in the same period last year.

According to the valuation analysis of port logistics made by ANFAC, the port of Pasajes is ranking in the main ports of the country, positioned in second place together with the ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Sagunto, achieving a score of 4.2 out of five.

Among its main strengths are, in the opinion of the vehicle manufacturers, the flexibility it offers in the service and accessibility of the port area by railway and road, strategically located by the French border and main motorways.

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