In UECC we focus on making positive changes that deliver better environmental standards and innovative solutions for the maritime industry, our vessels and our customers

Our vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable short sea ro-ro transportation in Europe. With leadership comes responsibility. In UECC we care about the environment and the responsibility our industry has to future generations. 

We work hard every day to reduce our environmental footprint. Over the last years we have demonstrated our commitment to this cause with a series of initiatives that have delivered real results. 

We believe that by thinking big we can find new solutions to old problems – delivering not just better environmental standards, but also better service to our customers.

Our solution is investing in bigger and more sustainable vessels. Large, modern and more efficient vessels serve both the environment and our customers’ business interests. They provide economies of scale, driving down the cost per unit delivered, while the added volumes results in fewer total voyages and drastically reduced emissions.


Our biofueled vessels bring home significant emission reductions from field to funnel. Our three new LNG Battery Hybrid Powered vessels, to be delivered from 2021, will ensure that UECC is one of the first companies to go beyond the IMO’s target of a 40% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030.

We installed Ballast Water Treatment System onboard our vessels well in advance of IMO implementation requirement.

Newbuilding will be delivered with main equipment for cold ironing. Running cold ironing projects with key ports.

Sustainability Partners

Gasum (biogas)

Goodfuels (biofuels)

Envirofuels (low emission fuel)

Oilchart (bunker supplier)

Lean Marine (fuel optimisation)