Biofuel on Autosky

12 month review

- 24.02.2021

As we close in on almost one year of continuous biofuel operation on our Autosky, we have the opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved with this fantastic vessel in the past 12 months.

We have bunkered over 6,000 metric tonnes of biofuel in this period, exclusively supplied by GoodFuels, the leading provider of sustainable marine fuels in our region.

The fuel itself has been derived from a variety of feedstocks, including processed used cooking oil. All of the biofuel we have consumed in the past 12 months has been sustainably sourced and has utilised waste and residues with no higher quality application available.

The switch to these biofuels required little to no technical modifications on the vessel and the fuel has been handled onboard by our expert engineers without any issue.

The results are striking; a reduction of over 20 million kilograms of CO2 emissions, an absolute reduction of more than 9,000 kilos of sulphur oxide emissions and a similarly total reduction in Particulate Matter.

To put into context what this means for our customers, we can look at the Carbon Intensity of the Autosky on a grams of CO2 per tonne-km basis:

2018:- 85.51 gCO2/tkm

2019:- 85.62 gCO2/tkm

2020:- 35.96 gCO2/tkm

That’s a 58% reduction in Carbon Intensity!

Keep in mind that the Initial IMO GHG Strategy aims to reduce carbon intensity by 40% by 2030 and you can see that UECC is really In Front of this ambitious objective!


For any questions, contact:

Daniel Gent, Energy & Sustainability Manager:, phone:+44 7827 953 624