Breakbulk Cargo

With more flexible vessels in our fleet combined with our terminal facilities, we offer our customers door-to-door solutions for non-containerized and palletized high-density cargo such as steel, bricks, slate, paper and timber.

We have invested in equipment and handling facilities at our terminals for loading this type of cargo on/off trailers and roll trailers. This cargo is managed by our specialized Breakbulk Cargo teams, which are strategically located in the terminals where the loading/unloading operations take place.

300 000


per year

Our roll trailers are specially designed to transport non-containerised and palletised goods as well as other high and heavy non-rolling cargo in a safe and secure way.

Today we operate a fleet of more than 450 roll trailers in different sizes and with payload capacities ranging from 25 to 100 tonnes.



We offer advanced warehousing for customers that require storage of their cargoes closer to their final customer destination.

We have established a network of warehouses, either by direct investments or in cooperation with partners. Today we operate more than 18 500 m2 covered storage space, divided between our most relevant European ports. All our warehouses are equipped to lifting cargoes up to 25 tonnes as a single unit.