Local Port Celebration / Bremerhaven

E-class M/V AUTO ENERGY at the Port of Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven, Germany - 11.05.2017


It was sunny, there was energy! The local port event in Bremerhaven was amazing.

A successful joint effort between the port, our commercial agent and UECC at the Port of Bremerhaven for M/V AUTO ENERGY, where she calls regularly.


The event was held at EUROTOP restaurant overlooking the entire harbour.

Mr. Stephan Hinz (Senior Manager, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics A/S, Commercial Agent for UECC) opened the event with a welcome speech to the attendees (customers ranging from freight forwarders, OEMs and members of the automobile and mechanical engineering industry).

Mr. Bjorn Svenningsen (Head of Sales & Marketing, UECC) also gave a speech on behalf of UECC, thanking BLG AutoTerminal and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics for assisting in making the event a success.

In this exclusive local port event for our customers in Germany, we also had the pleasure of Mr. Jörg Schulz, Bremen’s State Councillor for Ports gracing the event.

We started with lunch before heading to M/V AUTO ENERGY for a vessel tour.

Attendees were divided into 4 groups, led by the vessel’s officers. Each attendee was given a Fact Sheet on the M/V AUTO ENERGY while touring the vessel. This greatly enhanced the experience as they have the details of each location they visited during the tour. They had the opportunity to visit the Engine room, accommodations, wheelhouse, cargo holds and finally the bridge.




Mr. Jörg Schul gave a speech and praised UECC for our ecological commitment:
“In opting for LNG, UECC has shown pioneering ecological spirit in the maritime shipping business.”



The event and tour ended at 1600hrs where we had a group picture in front of the magnificent M/V AUTO ENERGY.

Find out how you can transport your cargo via our Bremerhaven agent - Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics A/S – German Branch):
• Olaf Kiefer (Team Leader) Email: Olaf.Kiefer@2wglobal.com Mobile: +49 163 362 9135
• Stephan Hinz (Senior Manager) Email: Stephan.Hinz@2wglobal.com Mobile: +49 163 3629 155





For more information or pictures for the event, please contact:
Evie Khoo, Sales & Marketing Coordinator