Update on the status of Spanish Sports Stevedoring Conflict due to the EU Competition Ruling and Liberalization mandate

Oslo, Norway - 15.05.2017


Further to the Information Letter updating the SPANISH PORTS STEVEDORING CONFLICT due to the EU COMPETITION Ruling and Liberalization mandate, which was circulated on 17th March 2017, please find conflict status update, as follows:

Once again, the Spanish Ministries Council, approved on 12th May the implementation of the Royal Decree for the “Liberalization of the Stevedoring Activity”, in compliance with the EU Competition Tribunal ruling which entered into force as from Sunday the 26th February 2017.

The Royal Decree will require Parliamentary majority approval, which will be discussed on 18th May. To the contrary of previous Parliamentary discussions; the Spanish Government has negotiated with Parliament Opposition, and everything indicates that the Royal Decree, may be approved within this week.

To the announcement of STEVEDORING LIBERALIZATION ROYAL DECREE approval by the Ministries Council: The Longshoremen-Stevedoring Unions have negatively reacted, even if the Government has invalidated the article which “Theoretically” allowed the handling of new cars and self-propelled vehicles by private employees no belonging to the Stevedoring SAGEP pool.

As a consequence: Longshoremen-Stevedoring Unions have, once more, announced the strike, as

  • Strike to be applicable on odd hours, only.
  • Affected dates: 24th, 26th, 29th,31st May and 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th June.

UECC is proactively keeping close in touch with Customers, Port Operators, Port Authorities and all required parties to mitigate and minimize the impact, as far as, challenging conditions will permit, always adapting vessel’s schedule to avoid delays and cargo back-loads accumulation.

Please rest assured, that you would be punctually posted of any mutually required corrective and preventive actions, and hopefully positive development of undergoing negotiations.

Yours Sincerely,

Helen Bjerke Olafsen

Head of Trade & Operation



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