What does it mean to work for the leading provider of Roro transportation in Europe?

Oslo, Norway - 15.08.2018

At UECC, we value and appreciate all our staff, both onshore and offshore.

Without the amazing crew of UECC vessels, our cargo will not be able to load correctly and on time. Without them, cargo will not reach the destination safely and damage-free.

Each one of them contributes to the success of UECC.

Each one of them is the “UNITY” on board each vessel to compliment us on shore.  

Together we build up UECC.

In this 2nd segment of UECC - The people on board, we have the pleasure to share the story of Luis Nunes, who is currently sailing with M/V AUTO ECO.

Luis Nunes, 31 years old
Position - 2nd Officer on M/V AUTO ECO

In October 2012, after a 4-months experience as a deck cadet on a Malta flag container vessel, I started my journey with UECC, sailing first with M/V AUTO STAR to complete the remaining 8 months of my training. As a deck cadet, I had the chance to sail on M/V AUTO SUN, M/V AUTO SKY and M/V AUTO PRIDE.

In December 2013, after getting my OOW (Officer of the Watch) license, I joined M/V AUTO STAR again but this time as a 3rd Officer. It was challenging, but I felt fully supported by all the crew during that time.

As a 3rd Officer, I then sailed several times on M/V AUTO PROGRESS, M/V AUTO PREMIER, M/V AUTO SKY and M/V AUTO RACER.

At the beginning of 2016, I applied for the UECC Training Program to go back to Nautical School and get the necessary training for my Chief Mate license. So, from September 2016 and June 2017 I was away from the life at sea. During this time I got my IGF/LNG gas course.

Once I finished my training, I joined M/V Auto Star as 3rd Officer for a short period of time. I was then promoted to 2nd Officer when I sailed on the new M/V AUTO ECO!

When I first started my studies at Nautical School, I heard about UECC from older colleagues and teachers that worked or still work for UECC that it was a good reference if one wants to work in the Ro-Ro business. After that, it was a matter of time contacting the UECC manning department to apply for a position and for an interview.

Working for UECC has been full of exciting challenges since the beginning. We have busy trades and ports. Sometimes, unpredictable weather especially during the winter time! But the positive working environment onboard has been one of the most important factors that made me feel a part of something bigger. Everybody is working for the same purpose and always looking ahead!

As a 2nd Officer and a Captain Representative, while the vessel is underway, the main responsibility is to perform safe navigations according to COLREG (Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), following the voyage plan and master’s instructions.

While at the ports and during cargo operations, the deck officer is in general responsible for supervising and following the loading/discharging plan the necessary ballast/ deballast operations according to company’s standards and Chief Officer’s instructions, cooperating directly with port staff.

On the E-class vessels (M/V AUTO ECO and M/V AUTO ENERGY), all jobs related to navigation (as passage plans, communications, company report system, bridge equipment, charts and publications updates etc.), maintenance of the Life Saving Appliances (LSA) and Hospital onboard are split by the two onboard 2nd Officers.

At different stages, with different responsibilities, with different professional highly skilled and multicultural teams, working onboard is joyful most of the times. The support of older and more experienced crew member is, again, an important pillar when someone new joins the team.

Onboard, all the duties and responsibilities are well established and the link between all crew members is essential and makes the time onboard goes faster.

During our free time, internet/free Wi-Fi access onboard is a pleasant social tool that fulfils the gap that everyone who works away from family feels, making it easier. Working out at the gym, reading, play board games or simply watch the daily news are a part of the free times for most of the crew.

Providing all the necessary training and courses is one of the most essential tools that make the crew feel motivated. UECC is excellent at providing the crew with all the training tools, as well as the opportunities to grow and build a solid seafarer career.

Onboard, the PEC (Protection and Environmental Committee) meetings give everyone an opportunity to share their concerns and opinions. It always comes with a supportive feedback from the shore side. On the other end, new implementations, goals and directions for the UECC future are always shared with us, the crew members.

The last 5 years with UECC were full of different experiences and opportunities.

I look forward to continuing growing with the fantastic UECC team and building up my professional path.


For further information, please contact:
Ms. Evie Khoo, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Oslo.
Telephone: +47 9191 2993 / E-mail: ekh@uecc.com