COVID-19 - 28.05.2020

Covid-19 – General update

One month has already passed since our last update and we would therefore like to provide you with a new update.

We hope that you, and your loved ones, continue to stay safe and that you are doing relatively well during these extremely challenging times. UECC’s focus is on making sure our staff is in good health. As stated in our last update, we have unfortunately had to place many of our dedicated employees on a temporary leave. We have since the last update taken some of our staff back, but unfortunately, we still have some on temporary leave. In terms of our vessels, we have been able to re-activate some of them due to a slight increase of the volumes, but we still have several vessels idle and laid up.

The month of April was very challenging for UECC from a financial point of view. So far during the month of May, we have seen a slight increase of the volumes, and the June volume forecast shows a further improvement from the OEMs we have received volume forecast from. However, we are somewhat concerned that the volumes may dip again in July, as the economic indicators are not showing any growth, on the contrary, in Europe. We therefore ask you to provide us with reliable volume forecast for us to plan properly, which will benefit us all.

Even though we see a slight increase in the future volumes, the financial damage so far this year is severe, and we believe that months to come, if not years, will be very challenging for our industry. It is therefore extremely important that we have very close communication moving forward to ensure that UECC can continue to deliver a reliable service to our customers. As we have indicated previously, we will not be able to provide the same sailing frequency and transit times as we were able to offer to our customers prior to the covid-19 crisis.

UECC started to publish the weekly fleet schedule again on the 11th of May and we hope that you appreciate this increased planning visibility. Please contact our Trade Coordination Team, or your Key Account Manager, should you have any questions regarding the fleet schedule or have any specific shipping needs.

UECC continue to stand by its’ corporate values; Unity, Energy, Challenging and Commitment!

Please contact us any time should you have any questions regarding UECC’s activities – we are here for you!

Bjørn O. Gran Svenningsen
Director Sales & Marketing
Phone: +47 90 16 04 55