Noatum UECC Terminal Pasajes named

'Best Automotive Logistics Port of the Spain 2020'

- 28.10.2021


We are very pleased to announce that the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC) has named Noatum UECC Terminal Pasajes as the 'Best Automotive Logistics Port of Spain 2020'

Vehicle manufacturers have identified a generalised deterioration in logistics and operational quality. Specifically, the various reports of the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC) on the assessment of maritime-port logistics, rail transport and road vehicle logistics showed a deterioration in 2020 compared to the year prior to the pandemic.  

The economic crisis and drop of the commercial and industrial activity of the Automotive sector due to the pandemic, has imposed a decrease of transported vehicles down to 4,5 million units, equivalent to a loss of 18,8% compared with previous year, mainly affecting the maritime transport mode reduced by 20,7% equivalent to two million units carried by sea.

In the mid-term future and based on current volume forecast and industry trend, it is expected that maritime transport mode will recover its previous leading share of 45% up to 50 % of total automobile transport sector.

Both the Ports of Pasajes and Tarragona were nominated for  the Best Ports of Spain for the Automotive Logistics Industry achieving a score of 4,3 out of 5, surpassing the port of Santander which falls to the second place. position, Sagunto reaching third position with 4,1 score, closely followed by Valencia, Vigo y Barcelona.


ANFAC’s scoring criteria, takes into consideration the following main operational and productivity items:

1,-  Implication level of the Port Authorities.

2,- Customs formalities processing.

3,- Port Accessibility levels.

4,- Deposit/dwelling Zones status and processing agility.

5,-Handling of vehicles in compliance with the rules and procedures established by the OEM and its interconnection with all the transportation modes and the terminal.

6,- Incidents affecting the vehicles under custody.

7,- Ports services flexibility, etc….


The scoring determining the ranking of each of the participating port candidates, has been provided and voted by main Spanish and Worldwide OEM’s.

UECC vessels fleet call frequently and regularly at the leading Port of Pasajes, connecting with main northern European and UK Car ports carrying cars and all kinds of rolling materials produced at Spanish, European and UK plants.