Maiden voyage:

From far east to Europe - our story

- 02.02.2022

Now that Auto Advance has made her maiden voyage from far east to Europe we spoke with the crew to find out their expectations and experience of the new vessel.

Here is what they had to say about our lovely lady!


Ever since the news were spread out about new Battery Hybrid LNG propulsion ships being built for UECC we were anxious to be part of the future and be able to experience new technology.

Once we were designated to receive the ship in Europe and continue the great job carried out by our fellow teammates that brought the ship from Asia the anxiety and curiosity started to rise even more.

First impression when arriving to the ship is mesmerising, beautifully painted in new “Green” theme colour style, plenty new technology every section you go through, a real Advance into the future.

As we spend more time on board, the build quality improvement in the accommodation construction is noticeable which permits a better rest and better life quality on board, along with spacious bedrooms, living rooms, mess rooms and other living areas.

As expected, the “Holy grail” of the ship lies deep down on the ship, the Engine room. Most of the systems are very user-friendly and manageable with a touch or a click. Most of the machinery is working very quietly allowing our team to be healthier, happier, and not suffer so much with the daily fatigue caused by noise and vibrations. We are very surprised about the machinery quality. New technology implemented in engine room is on very good level. Engine room is not so big, but is well arranged, so it is easier for us to maintain daily routines. Gas plant is very intuitive and working well. We are specially surprised, as we were expecting to have some problems as usually are on the new buildings.

The most impressive part is the Hybrid side of this system. A very compact but powerful battery pack that allows us to work on the best performance range of the Auxiliary Engines and reduce Peak stress on Main Engine during hard sea voyages. This system is a great step forward allowing for safer and cleaner performance of the ship in general.

Still, plenty of new knowledge we need to assimilate, but time spent for training is worthy to be a part of the engine room team on this vessel.

It is great to experience the future and the company’s effort to be a step ahead of the market, we are looking forward for the next sister ships to sail along.


Interview by Engine room team (Relievers in Europe)

  • Chief Engineer Marcin Bloch
  • Chief Engineer David Duarte
  • 2nd Engineer Henrique Figueiredo
  • 3rd Engineer Carlos Dias
  • ETO Piotr Zaniewski
  • Motorman Rui Reis
  • Wiper Marcin Szczepaniak